"The Rewind " (Closure Without Disclosure) for adults and children

The Rewind Therapy (RT) has become internationally recognised as an indispensable treatment for providing closure to those with PTSD

The Aims of the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE:  Make the Rewind  universally available to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The association will aim to achieve its objective through:

 TRAINING:  Individuals and organisations dedicated to relieving the psychological, emotional and behavioural suffering caused by manmade and natural traumatic events.
In order to meet the ever increasing requests by individuals and organisations to be trained in the Rewind                        in 2016, the IARTT accredited further trainers throughout the UK and abroad (See accredited trainers under dropdown "Courses".

The association is not a charity but all the practitioners on this site are committed to treating veterans for free.

REGISTER OF ACCREDITED REWIND THERAPISTS:   Maintain an up to date register of accredited Rewind therapists for the public.