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The Rewind, in clinical use since 1991.
Approved by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre for the purpose of Continuing Professional Development (6CPDs). 
The outcome of the course is to impart the Rewind so that participants leave competent in its use. 
The demand in the UK is 1.5 million not treated. Of 1.5 million treated, only 25% are with CBT or EMDR in the NHS,the remaining are given drugs. 
To book: mussdavid@gmail.com 
Originator of the Rewind for PTSD. 

Held at Birmigham University.
Here is just a flavour of the feedback:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the workshop you and your team organised yesterday in Birmingham. I found it so inspiring and so intense. To watch individuals change within themselves to overcome the stress of the trauma they had experienced was truly moving.

I just wanted to thank you for today’s workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots from the theory and practical, but also from your stories of personal experience and knowledge. I think it’s great how you offer so much for free In the training, as well as to veterans ect... I am keen to get practicing with rewind and send you some case studies

I loved the training on Saturday and would like to tell my colleagues about it. I work in a child and adolescent mental health team in the NHS

 I just wanted to say thank you for providing the training in the Rewind technique on Saturday.  I attended the training course and have been motivated to try this technique with clients presenting with PTSD symptoms. 

I just want to commend you on your fantastic work. You are an inspiration and I look forward to working with Rewind, sharing my results and spreading the word.
Thank you for sharing you wisdom and personal experiences.

Thanks for such a helpful communication following the training on Saturday.  I have 3 potential volunteers to help me hone my practice, so I hope to have some case study material for you in due course.  I will be in touch with any questions.  Good to have on-going support.

11 Apr 2017
April 2017- In house training for Reclaim Life
This was the first training held by a newly qualified trainer. Irene Caird can be contacted by outside organisations as well.
Here is her feedback:

In April 2017, I undertook the training in the Rewind Technique of coaches for the charity Reclaim Life based in Leighton Buzzard .
Seventeen individuals attended the course which was both theoretical and practical .At the end of the day a questionnaire was completed by all, checking aspects of what had been learnt .This was invaluable to me as a teacher as I could see where I had not been clear enough.There was good verbal feedback and one said it was the best training she had experienced in years which was nice to hear.
A month later the coaches returned after being given the opportunity to digest the manual by David Muss .They performed Rewind role plays in pairs observed by myself and were given feedback .I had devised a checklist of key points to be included and ticked them as we went along  so it was clear what they had done well and what needed further attention .Coaches were given their individual copies of the checklist for future reference .The questionnaire was repeated to ensure tricky points were understood Coaches reported that they had found this experience valuable and they felt more confident as a result .