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                                           ALL TRAINING IN 2020 WILL BE VIA WEBINAR

  • The cost of the webinar is £50. It includes CPD certificate for 5 hours BPS approved.
  • The AIM is to make those attending competent in the the use of the Rewind Technique
                                       JULY 4TH-2020 WEBINAR ; APPLY NOW >

The LONDON  NOVEMBER 14TH AT THE QMUL   is cancelled  and replaced by webinar on the 4th of July 



REWIND WEBINAR 2020- Registration Closed unless invited

 MAY 16.  LIVE REPLACED BY WEBINAR ON THE 25TH OF APRIL Registration Closes midnight 16th April

LONDON .     APRIL 25.  LIVE REPLACED BY WEBINAR ON THE 25TH OF APRIL Registration closes midnight 16th April

Saturday 31st August Rewind day course : Facilitator Laura Keegan accredited IARTT trainer
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Hi David, Only wish I had been trained in Rewind years ago.  I am a Counselling supervisor and have encouraged supervises to attend. As a result it is now being used at West Yorkshire Police and NHS  West Yorkshire.



LONDON.  NOVEMBER 23RD  Queen Mary University, London. APPLY NOW > .  Places 400- 29 left

 Peterborough Rape crisis.

Claire House (Children's Hospice)

Cardiff University-Psychiatric Depatment
Training provided by IRENE CAIRD - 2019
Reclaim Life 
Free Training 2018
Glasgow Univerisity: SEPTEMBER 29TH


300 PLACES AT EACH VENUE AVAILABLE- To book: contact mussdavid@gmail.com

The Rewind, in clinical use since 1991.
Approved by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre for the purpose of Continuing Professional Development (6CPDs). 
The outcome of the course is to impart the Rewind so that participants leave competent in its use. 
The demand in the UK is 1.5 million not treated. Of 1.5 million treated, only 25% are with CBT or EMDR in the NHS,the remaining are given drugs. 

Timetable 10:15-17
To book: mussdavid@gmail.com 
Originator of the Rewind for PTSD. Dr. David Muss
Dear Dr Muss,  I just wanted to share this with you as I am finding it so exciting and rewarding . I just had another two weeks follow up with a fireman who's IES score was 43 and today it was 0 ! It's hard to believe.  Warm regards 

Hi David 
I will soon be sending you some case studies.
Also just wanted to let you know I am having amazing results with rewind, its really life-changing for some of my Rasa clients.
On the Monday following the training I had opportunity to put into practice the learning gained at the workshop.
I was meeting with my peer supervision group when one counsellor shared how an experience described by a client was greatly affecting her. Prior to the session the counsellor did not know that the client would decide to give a vivid blow-by-blow account of a traumatic experience. It was so disturbing that the counsellor was unable reflect upon and process the work without experiencing a distressing recall of the horrifying situation as explained to her.
The counsellor shared that she had a 1:1 supervision booked for later that week so that she could hopefully process her experience. As she shared, her distress was very evident so, I asked if she would like to try the 'Rewind'.
I explained the 'game' and the counsellor choose the good starting point to be welcoming the client into the counselling room, she then completed the both the forward film and Rewind.
Afterwards..... she fed-back that could think about her client without the terrifying imaginings and felt that she would now be able process the work and fully engage with the client as they worked through other issues. 
The peer supervision group are thrilled that our friend is no longer suffering and I think will be candidates for some of your planned future workshops/training days :-).
I felt so excited that I had been able to put the training into practice so soon and I believe that the confidence I gained will stand me in good stead.
Once again thank you for such a wonderful training day and for the provided material.
With my very best wishes

Hi David 
Thank you so much for the training day , I really enjoyed it and went away with great enthusiasm about what I learned. I work 3 days a week in a private drug and alcohol rehab (as well as having my own private practice), we have many clients who have trauma and PTSD. I have excitedly explained all about the Rewind to my treatment director and he's very keen to come on a training day himself at some point. I have already used the Rewind with one of my clients at the clinic , with PTSD, who came into treatment a few weeks ago, 

09 Apr 2018
Held at Birmigham University.facilitator: Dr. David Muss
Here is just a flavour of the feedback:
I just wanted to let you know that I did a Rewind intervention with a client who had suffered from the effects of childhood sexual abuse for 40 years. She initially scored 53 on the Impact of Events Scale in March and we had a review meeting today and she scored 2. We were both absolutely delighted. I just wanted to be thrilled for my client.  RASA 
Hi David,
(this feedback is from a person who volunteered to be treated in front of everyone At the time I did not know what her trauma was, but immediately after treatment she got up and went to look out from a window.she couldn’t do this before.) "Thank you very much for all those people that are concerned.
I’m doing ok.
I haven’t really been thinking about it as much and it’s brilliant.
Told my son my experience but I wasn’t upset and that’s a great news.  Would definitely love to work with you in the future if it would be possible so we can help many more.  Best wishes " ********************************************************************** First I would like to thank you for our free Training of the Rewind technique. I found it extremely interesting and believe it will be very helpful to me and my clients in my work as a therapist for survivors of adult childhood sexual abuse.
I was one of the people that joined in you 'group' demonstration. As you know, we did it three times. Speaking of my own experience of this, I found I learnt more each time we did it. On the third time I was able to get in touch more deeply with the feelings and experience of the trauma. I
I aim to try this again with my colleague soon.  Interestingly, the trauma I got in touch with happened in a car. I have never been able to travel more than 60 miles per hour without shaking with anxiety since I was a child. I am now in my sixties..
On the way back home from your training my colleague gradually built up to 70 miles per hour and I was sitting quite calmly. She couldn't believe it . Neither could I, so I thank you for that.  ** ************************************************************
Good morning David. Thank you for such an enjoyable workshop.
It was a pleasure helping out and certainly happy to do the same again. Please feel free to ask and if I can assist I will happily do so.
I hope to start using the Rewind Technique soon. I just want to read the handouts a few more times. I intend to use it for suitable birth trauma patients. I will definitely let you have feedback when I do.
Thank you for running the workshop and for letting so many of us
Hi David (and team),  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the workshop you and your team organised yesterday in Birmingham. I found it so inspiring and so intense. To watch individuals change within themselves to overcome the stress of the trauma they had experienced was truly moving.  The success of the work you do creates a feeling of awe in me and I will wholeheartedly be using the technique within my own work, hopefully with similar success.  At some point I like to join the register when I become confident in its use and look forward to the work with veterans..... so, I will be working towards the case studies as soon as possible.  Again, thank you so much. Warmest regards  ** ************************************************
Hi David, I just wanted to thank you for today’s workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots from the theory and practical, but also from your stories of personal experience and knowledge. I think it’s great how you offer so much for free In the training, as well as to veterans I will definitely be recommending your workshop to many others. Thanks a lot for you time.  ***************************************

Thank you so much for the wonderfully generous day you offered in Birmingham last Saturday.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and I learnt loads.
I trained in the CBT method of working with trauma a la Nice Guidelines but I find it a really hard sell to clients and they often don’t fully engage with it despite my enthusiasm for it.  I have far more enthusiasm for the Rewind Method though.  So much less time/effort and sell required.  
I am working with GP’s through the GP Health referral service http://gphealth.nhs.uk many of them are burnt out but there is a fair proportion who are experiencing trauma for various reasons; so far I have carried out 5 Impact of Events questionnaires with 4 demonstrating 30 and above.  I have carried out Rewind with one of them and have planned to do it with 3 more GP’s and a nurse practitioner. Hopefully they will be happy to provide their data and the results will be encouraging.  I will let you know.
I assume you are happy for GP’s and Nurse Practitioners to come on your next training, several of them will be keen I feel sure?
Thanks again

Hi David,
Thank you so much for providing this training event. I have already gone back to my practice and started to use the technique with clients and it appears to have been successful. I will provide all the necessary info when I have seen them in 3 months.
I was also one of the people who you treated in front of everyone. I had the trauma as an observer. It was really bizarre because as you were doing the treatment on me, you offered a story to the group about someone who had found a lady hanging and explained how to rewind. That was along the same lines as my trauma- 20 years ago as a 17 year old I found someone dead from a drug overdose. I was unable to really talk about it before because I would get very upset, I sometimes had nightmares if I saw something on the TV that reminded me of it, and 3 years ago when another unexpected death happened, I had quite a breakdown and began functioning like a 17 year old again, drinking very heavily and trying to block all reminders out.  When you did the rewind, that night i remembered bits that I had previously forgotten- like he had paint on him, pretty insignificant really- but since then, I can't see it- I can't get the images anymore, I have to really try and remember what he looked like when he was alive- I had met him a couple of times before he died, but I can't remember much about him. It has the same significance now as someone else I might have met a couple of times 20 years ago and have a vague recollection of what he might have looked like. And as for what happened, it's just a really boring story now, I can't actually be bothered to tell it anymore.
So thank you very much for doing that for me. I look forward to using this more and more with my own clients. Please let me know if you need anything else from me in 3 months and I will be in touch with my info of the clients I have used this on.


Dear Dr David,   Firstly I just want to say how much I enjoyed the Rewind Therapy workshop. My aim is to try and develop this therapy into my  NHS practice and deliver case studies to you as I go along whilst also collating results for my director of services.   I also belong to a Counsellors in GP practice forum and will promote their attendance to your next workshop.   So hopefully you will hear from me soon and regularly, thank you once again and here’s to  REWIND THERAPIES bright future.  


Hi David,
Thank you for sending these feedback reports. It's really good to hear that other people found it as beneficial as myself and my colleagues did too.  Please keep up the excellent work you do. 


11 Apr 2017
April 2017- In house training for Reclaim Life by Irene Caird
This was the first training held by a newly qualified trainer. Irene Caird can be contacted by outside organisations as well.
Here is her feedback:

 In April 2017, I undertook the training in the Rewind Technique of coaches for the charity Reclaim Life based in Leighton Buzzard . Seventeen individuals attended the course which was both theoretical and practical .At the end of the day a questionnaire was completed by all, checking aspects of what had been learnt .This was invaluable to me as a teacher as I could see where I had not been clear enough.There was good verbal feedback and one said it was the best training she had experienced in years which was nice to hear. A month later the coaches returned after being given the opportunity to digest the manual by David Muss .They performed Rewind role plays in pairs observed by myself and were given feedback .I had devised a checklist of key points to be included and ticked them as we went along  so it was clear what they had done well and what needed further attention .Coaches were given their individual copies of the checklist for future reference .The questionnaire was repeated to ensure  tricky points were understood .Coaches reported that they had found this experience valuable and they felt more confident as a result .
Kind regards Irene